ktmorse-logoSimple application which allow to use your iPhone to send and receive morse signals! Communicate with other iPhone owners just like never before!

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scanny-logoScanning documents can be stressful – incorrect drivers? slow computer? Say goodbye to your scanning woes today. Scanny is here to complete change the way you change physical documents into virtual ones.

With Scanny, you can scan unlimited documents on the go – with ease. Turn your mobile device into a portable scanner – and keep up to date wherever you go. Our innovative application is perfect for busy professionals, and anyone who needs an inexpensive and effective way to convert documents into PDFs and other file formats.

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War of Tanks 2: Strategy RPG

war-of-tank-2-strategy-rpgCommand WW2 tanks online and experience the thrill of tank warfare from the legendary creators of Mushroom Wars.

War of Tanks 2 is back with the best new tank combat game that combines elements of tank squad Strategy with RPG elements.

Featuring strategy battle mechanics as simple and thrilling as Rock-Paper-Scissors. You’ll need skills and luck to win!

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War of Tanks: Clans

war-of-tanks-clans-logoWar of Tanks: Clans is the new sequel to one of the most addicting games to hit the android game market, War of Tanks. Test your mettle in one of the best tank games online!

Take command of a war tanks brigade in a fierce battle on the front lines, with up to three tanks at once.
Players can choose from 5 different modes of play, with both single player options and play online games with friends.
Campaign – A sequence of eight campaigns, which go through all stages of WWII.

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War of Tanks

Build your tank platoon and crush your foes! Upgrade your tanks with the latest tech, manage squads and perfect your tactics to defeat the enemy and win the War of Tanks!

★ Unlock numerous TANKS and strengthen your unit
★ Combine UPGRADES and special abilities to crush the opposition
★ Destroy hordes of enemies in CAMPAIGN and online modes
★ Join forces with friends in MULTIPLAYER

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Metro 2033

metro2033Metro 2033 is strategy game based on worldwide best-selling novel by Dmitry Glukhovsky.

The surface of Moscow is heavily damaged by nuclear strikes during nuclear war between Russia and an unknown amount of other counties. Humanity has retreated into the Moscow Metro, huge subway transportation system, where they have lived for decades in fear and constant war for limited resources between themselves and, even worse, with dangerous and outrageous mutants.

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